They’re a special part of our community.

The team at Terrey Hills Animal Hospital routinely consult with Sydney’s wildlife rehabilitation and rescue teams to make sure that our native fauna is safe and sound. We are happy to accept injured or rescued wildlife.

What to do if you find injured wildlife

  • Before handling or approaching the animal, contact
    WIRES on 1300 094 737
    SYDNEY WILDLIFE on 9413 4300
  • Only approach or pick up wildlife if it is safe to do so; wildlife can bite, scratch or kick when frightened or in pain.
  • If you find injured or sick wild life in or around your home, do not try to feed it or nurse it back to health. Contact the numbers provided above.

Found an injured animal?

At Terrey Hills Animal Hospital we are happy to accept injured or rescued wildlife. If you have any questions, please call to speak to our friendly staff.

(02) 9450 2020